Saturday, April 2, 2011



  1. PLEASE READ!!! please please please. I'll TRY to make this short: My name is Samantha Villalobos. I'm an aspiring journalist. IT IS MY DREAM TO BECOME A POP CULTURE JOURNALIST. I'm a 15 year old girl who goes to Sultana High School in Southern California, and I've written many news stories for the school website AND school newspaper. I've been a faithful PM5K fan since I was little! I went to two of your shows last year! freaking EPIC! Well, my point is, I'm starting this blog/forum on , , and .... that's going to give me a head start on my career, it's going to be based on interviews with bands I go watch, I would appreciate it SO MUCH if I had a chance to interview you guys at your show at the Galaxy Theatre in April 21st. I sent you this same message to your myspace. FYI. my twitter is @SamLoveee ... I'd be thankful if you guys even replied. :) I tried explaining the best I can! Just so you know, I'm very professional and the interview(if you allow) will all be captured on flip video! Please! I'm begging! I want you to be my very first interview! You will be helping me immensely! And.... I can't describe how I would feel any more. The more I picture it, the more I'll be disappointed. Well you guys rock, It won't even matter if you don't read this. It's worth a try. Keep it up! See ya April 21!!

  2. sure! we can do an interview at the galaxy!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the opportunity!! I can't wait!

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  5. Tried to locate a better place to contact you guys privately, but my search is futile, so I'll follow en suite of Sam and just post here and hope for the best. :)

    I'm Cory Wentling and work as a freelance artist and band photographer, both independently and for Redlyne Management. I do most work for local bands (every mini empire has to start somewhere right?) but I've also had the pleasure of working shows with national acts like Times of Grace, the Bulletboys, Cry Wolf, Straight Line Stitch, and Fuel.

    Long story short, I am humbly requesting (politely begging for?) a photo pass for this upcoming show of yours at U-Fest in Arizona. I'm actually working in partnership with a local original band Whiskey Six (who opened for you last year in Mesa at UB's), who will be having me up doing their live photos that day. I would be completely enthralled if I had the opportunity to shoot PM5K as well.

    The photos would only be used for my portfolio and display on my Facebook as part of my online portfolio; and of course the photos would also be used to promote your awesome band! You can view my photography work here:

    I dearly hope you consider and allow me to take some photos; it would be an absolute dream come true and an honor to utilize my work to promote and support YOUR work. I've been head over heels in LOVE with PM5K for a while now and am a loyal fan!

    Thank you for your consideration, hope this reaches you before the big day!

    (Side Note: Regardless, U-Fest ought to be KILLER! WOO HOO!! :) )

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  7. Hey guys, just a reminder of tomorrow's interview. I don't want any last minute obstacles like not being able to reach you guys. Thanks.