Monday, October 11, 2010


Yes! That's right!! Work has begun on Zoolander 2!! All I can say is, they better ask us back for another song!!!


  1. In regards to the Fearnet post. I understand the point as to do these movies really classify as "horror" and to that (not having seen them and based on your very trusted description) I would have to say no. I mean horror should have some sort of super natural of fantasy to it. Even the original Halloween had that. Lines of reality were blurred as you couldn't really figure why this "average" psycho just wouldn't quit and nothing seemed to stop him so it put it in the situation of "non-reality" now would I classify a movie like I Spit on Your Grave as horror no I would not (although I do enjoy it) I would even go as far as to say I wouldn’t classify Psycho as horror even though I know many do.
    This all goes along a point that I funny enough was thinking of the other day the lack of use of the terms "Thriller" and "Suspense" as movie classifications. Everything seems to get lumped in the horror genre if it is “disturbing” or if they want the film to be taken more "seriously" they will refer to it as a drama with some sort of adjective suspenseful drama, heart stopping drama etc. Thrillers do sometimes exist but are the safe movies that everyone can enjoy including the folks that look down their noses at those icky horrors. Movies like the Bourne trilogy have become Thrillers, to this point would a film like Peeping Tom get classified as a Horror or a Thriller if it were to come out now. I would honestly venture to say it would get gored up a bit more and have the horror tag slapped on it. If in a drug induced haze a couple of the charters in Requiem for a Dream killed some homeless guys would that now be a horror? The genre of Suspense and Thriller does not carry the coolness factor. Horror is sold to a casual demographic that is drawn in by that word (I’m sure it is males 16 to blah blah blah and young couples etc someone got paid a lot to figure out the #’s I’m sure) and a diehard demographic that will give a shot to anything that gets run through their sub cult machine, and the only way to get into that machine is to have the right classification. I think that due to this horror is a term that is employed for any current exploitation and genre film that has disturbing content. That’s my quick 2 cents that I write while I’m supposed to be working :)

  2. You're so hot in this video. Sorry to be off topic.

  3. Rotting Corpse A-Go-Go you should put your thoughts up on FEARnet! You have a lot of great points! Oh, and NeonPixieGirl.... THANX!!

  4. PM5K and Orgy on the new soundtrack! That would be badass.

  5. Goddamn right. Hmm...what mid-80s song to cover this time? I vote Dead Man's Party!

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